Kristen Senese

Hey! I'm Kristen Senese - Certified in lots of things, and I also work in the TV Marketing industry as a Creative Director and Intern Manager. Enjoy the ride! NASM CPT & Sports Nutrition Coach American Barre Technique (L1 completed, in training for Advanced/Master/Coach) Barreology Barre Eclipse Instructor (in training) Stanford: Nutrition Science Precision Nutrition: L1 Health Mindset Coaching (in training) Biddy Tarot: Certified Tarot Reader + Advisor *While NOT certified, I also study Ayurvedic Cooking + Self-Care, Astrology, and Art. I incorporate these things into my work where appropriate and within scope. College: B.F.A. Advertising + PR AS. Web Design + Interactive Media Executive Leadership Training: PROMAX Thrive Cohort 2020