Hello, my name is Kristen!
Pretty Zesty Magic is the infusion of tarot, astrology, food, art, and REAL TALK – Some of the best ingredients for living a beautiful and conscious life!

On this site, I post articles and informational blog posts on astrology, tarot cards, Pagan holidays and ritual ideas, spells for inspiration, vegan recipes, info-graphics, and more.

In addition to my posts, I also offer a number of services where we can work together. Whether it be intuitive tarot card readings, or astrology foundation charts,  I am here to offer you some *inspiration, support, and guidance. Click here for more info.

What makes me qualified? While I’ve studied/practiced/and read cards on my own for many years, I am CURRENTLY enrolled with the accredited Biddy Tarot Certification Program to become a certified reader. My certification will be complete in November 2018. I personally do not believe that one needs a certification in Tarot Card Reading in order to be “qualified”. It is most likely that a certification program did not exist in Italy in the 1400’s!! However, I, unfortunately, do not have any live ancestors in my area to learn from. So I learned on my own, and through this program to fine tune my skills. Which was a privilege!

In terms of my spiritual work, I have been a practicing Pagan for over 15 years (as a child, I was raised Lutheran, which never stuck with me for some reason). In following my ancestral background (though I am American btw), I personally stick to Paganism that stems from Roman/Stregheria and Saxon/Celtic beliefs and texts. If we want to get super specific on ancestry, I’m a mix of English/Irish on my mother’s side, and Italian (with smaller percentages of German/Jewish/Turkish/Caucasus) on my father’s. I know, that’s a lot!  I mainly identify as White/Italian American from my father and upbringing, and of course White/English from my mother (note: she was adopted so my connection wasn’t learned). I share this information with you for transparency’s sake and to fully acknowledge my background and privilege.

We DO NOT need to be the same faith to work together, however, I try very hard to not appropriate cultures that I am not a part of and therefore do not understand. The tarot work that I do is based on the individual and not deeply rooted in any one faith as I treat it based on the client’s needs first. My posts on rituals and the like are rooted in my personal faith. I am also working on dismantling my own spiritual bypassing and white privilege/fragility… which will take some time to unpack! You will find that my current work is NOT all about love & light & rainbows.  Just wanted to clarify.

The work that I do is a part of my daily life, and it is a privilege to offer my services to anyone that is interested. If you see a reading you’d like, but it’s not in your budget. I am here for you. We can work it out!

I also just opened a SHOP with Society 6 for my design work and will work on commissioned pieces.

Here I am!

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*I do not think tarot cards/astrology/etc are a replacement for clinical help from licensed professionals when it comes to serious mental illness, or any other diseases. They can help a person when they are on the mend and in therapy to further their healing, explore a new topic, achieve clarity, and/or add zest to their life.