Hello, my name is Kristen! Kris for short. I am a Creative Director by day, and a Witch by night. Or is it the other way around? Who am I kidding… I am a Witch 24/7.

Pretty Zesty Magic is my space to infuse tarot, astrology, food, and art – some of the best ingredients for living a beautiful and conscious life. You’ll find articles and informational blog posts on astrology, tarot, Pagan/Strega holidays and ritual ideas, spells for inspiration, recipes, info-graphics, and more.

I also offer a number of services where we can work together. Whether it be intuitive tarot card readings, astrology foundation charts, (human design coming up next!), or cosmic creative, I am here to offer you some *inspiration, support, and guidance. Click here for more info.

What makes me qualified? While I’ve studied/practiced/and read cards on my own for over a decade, I am also a Certified Reader (via Biddy Tarot) and forever astrology student. I personally do not believe that one needs a certification in tarot reading in order to be “qualified”. It is most likely that a certification program did not exist in Italy in the 1400’s. It’s all about practice, routine, learning, and one’s code of ethics. However, I, unfortunately, do not have any live ancestors in my area to learn from. So… I learned on my own, and through a program to fine tune my skills. Which was a privilege!

I have been a practicing Strega (Italian Witch) for over 15 years (as a child, I was raised Lutheran). In following my ancestral background that I am culturally closest to (I am American with Italian/English/German/Jewish ancestry), my faith stems from Roman/Etruscan Stregheria and Saxon/Celtic beliefs and texts. That all being said, I feel closest to my Italian roots and Stregheria, so I have more of a focus here.

We DO NOT need to be the same faith to work together. My readings are in the personal development space as I see them as a tool that anyone can use to gain more confidence and push through what they can, and sit in what they must. I want people to restore/discover their own personal power. Contrary to popular belief regarding tarot, I am not a psychic. I will not tell you your future, but I will provide as many tools as I can with tarot/astrology as my guide. Then your future is on YOU. 😉

It is a privilege to offer my services to anyone that is interested. If you see a reading you’d like, but it’s not in your budget, I am here for you. We can work it out!

I have some magical merch for sale on Society 6 and Cafe Press, and will work on commissioned pieces if you are interested.

*I do not think tarot cards/astrology/etc are a replacement for clinical help from licensed professionals when it comes to serious mental illness, or any other diseases. They can help a person when they are on the mend and in therapy to further their healing, explore a new topic, achieve clarity, and/or add zest to their life.