Hello! My name is Kristen Senese. I like vegetables, cats, and spells.

On this site, I will post articles and informational blog posts on astrology, tarot cards, Pagan holidays and ritual ideas, spells for manifesting, inspiration, info-graphics, and more.

In addition to my posts, I also offer a number of services where we can work together. Whether it be tarot card readings, human design and astrology charts, personalized spells and rituals, or even vegan lifestyle mentoring (because I believe protecting the animals and the planet is a big part of grounding), I am here to offer you some inspiration.
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What makes me qualified? Well, you can’t get an “accredited” certification in Tarot Card readings, but I’ve studied on my own and will be enrolled with the Biddy Tarot certification to boost my skills. I am also a part of their community of readers. And yeah, let’s be blunt, I charge for my time in writing up charts, readings and researching. This is not my full time job, I just love doing it!


*I do not think tarot cards/astrology/etc are a replacement for clinical help from licensed professionals when it comes to serious mental illness, or any other diseases. They can help a person when they are on the mend and in therapy to further their healing, or to just have some fun and explore a new topic! Let’s not get the two mixed up!