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Tarot and transits

Tarot & Transits Reading & Workbook

Please allow 24-48 hrs for a response after purchase. You will be asked to provide your birth date/month/year/time/place. If time is unknown, the reading might not be ”accurate” in terms of your true rising sign and some other placements. DISCLAIMER: Readings are ONLY available via email. I do not do readings in person, or via Read More


🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 THE KNIGHT OF PENTACLES “SCALLOPED POTATOES” The Knight of Pentacles has patience and precision, and loves routine and shaping the mundane around them into something exquisite. Enter this recipe for scalloped potatoes, that while takes time (and patience), is worth every minute. It also looks beauteous and tastes maximous. Ingredients:  -5-6 round white Read More

BON APPETAROT : The Queen of Pentacle’s Eggplant ‘Parmesan’

🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 THE QUEEN OF PENTACLE’S EGGPLANT ‘PARMESAN’ The Queen of Pentacles is an Earth Mother. Regardless of “motherhood” status, they’re nurturing and generous to everyone around her, especially making sure that everyone is well fed and content. I imagine them cooking up a storm on Sundays, making a plate for anyone who comes to Read More

Kristen’s Tarot “Code of Ethics”

Hey everyone! I would like to take the time to explain the tarot work that I do in a little (ok, a lot) more detail. Between getting a few questions, and through my own tarot certification process, I felt called in to explain. First and foremost, I am NOT a psychic. I do not tell Read More

Lughnasadh/Lammas: The First Harvest Sabbat

On August 1st, Pagans will celebrate the first, of three, harvest sabbats. Different cultures have different names and traditions for this time, Celtic/Saxon faiths celebrate this sabbat as Lughnasah/Lammas. You might be thinking, but wait, wtf is a sabbat? A sabbat is a seasonal festival, generally celebrated by Pagans. All seasonal festivals take place in Read More