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Oh, hello July! Cancer Season brings out emotions up to the surface. This is not a bad thing. We want emotions (ours and other’s) to be expressed, heard, and taken seriously. We also want emotions expressed in the best and healthiest ways possible. No tidal waves this summer. Just smooth sailing. With a slight chance Read More

Custom tarot cards


Let’s see what the cards have in store for your sign this month. Taurus is in the house, and that means we can get a bit stuck in our ways, and the stubbornness can hold us back or push people away. That’s not to say that being stubborn is a bad thing ALL of the Read More


April showers bring May powers! Are you ready to tap into your power this month? Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility. Knowing when to speed things up and when to slow them down will be key this month so that you don’t burn out. Let’s see what the cards have to say for your Read More


THE SHIMMERING SOULS In typical fashion and personal aesthetic, I took the traditional symbolism of the Rider Waite Smith and then dumped a bucket of glitter on it. Well, not practically, but digitally! Add a little glamour and glitz to every reading and enjoy the new characters in this 78-card tarot deck. No booklet. Use Read More

Tarot Reading & Workbook

*Please allow 24-48 hrs for a response after purchase. I will contact you via email to discuss your questions for the cards. DISCLAIMER: Readings are ONLY available via email. I do not do readings in person, or via phone/video chat. I do not do psychic predictions. I’m here to help you get what you want. Read More


Beware the Ides of March! OK relax. Here are your March 2021 Tarotscopes. Mercury Retrograde ended on February 21st, but we have it’s lovely shadow period still lurking until the 13th. We are also in the throws of Pisces season. Pisces is big on emotions and creativity, so I’ve put a focus on these for Read More


February is chock full of cosmic goodies. We have Mercury Retrograde (don’t panic), Saturn square Uranus (prepare yourself), Venus moves into Aquarius (let’s get weird), and of course our new and full moons, to name a few. The cards pulled are meant to give you some motivation and insights to have the best month possible. Read More

30 Questions to Ask the Tarot

Sometimes the hardest part of reading tarot is knowing what to ask. We might even quit before we start because we just don’t know. Here’s a list of 30 questions to get you started. These are set up for a 30 Days of Tarot challenge. DAY 1: What do I want to call in this Read More

The Power of Rephrasing Your Questions for a Tarot Reading

When Tarot is in a film or other fictional piece, it usually involves someone asking the reader if their lover is cheating on them, if they’ll get the job, if they’ll win the lottery, if they are pregnant, should they move, should they go back to school, etc. It makes for great entertainment. That long Read More


On January 20/21 (depending on where you are in the world) there is a Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Lunar Eclipses happen during Full Moons, and it’s when the moon passes into Earth’s shadow, which blocks the sun from illuminating it. It might even look red (hence the Blood Moon name this moon also Read More

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