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30 Questions to Ask the Tarot

Sometimes the hardest part of reading tarot is knowing what to ask. We might even quit before we start because we just don’t know. Here’s a list of 30 questions to get you started. These are set up for a 30 Days of Tarot challenge.

DAY 1: What do I want to call in this month?
DAY 2: What should I look out for this week?
DAY 3: What message does the New Moon have for me?
(You can save this for when there is an actual New Moon)
DAY 4: How can I move forward in my career?
DAY 5: How can I open myself up more to love?
DAY 6: What patterns am I stuck in?
DAY 7: What am I not seeing?
DAY 8: What energy should I focus on today?
DAY 9: What is the core issue that I am facing right now?
DAY 10: How can I restore my hope for the future?
DAY 11: How can I develop more patience?
DAY 12: Where might my anxiety be coming from?
DAY 13: What should I be doing more of?
DAY 14: What should I think about this weekend?
DAY 15: What detail am I missing?
DAY 16: What might be blocking my creativity?
DAY 17: What message does the Full Moon have for me?
(You can save this for when there is an actual Full Moon)
DAY 18: How can I unpack my own bullshit?
DAY 19: What is my confidence hiding under?
DAY 20: How can I boost my energy levels?
DAY 21: What is standing in my way of optimal health?
DAY 22: What can I get rid of?
DAY 23: How can I regain my strength?
DAY 24: How can I deal with toxic people/
DAY 25: What is blocking my voice?
DAY 26: What can I do for the greater good?
DAY 27: What should I learn from my past?
DAY 28: How can I feel more connected to others?
DAY 29: What is holding my health back?
Day 30: What progress have I made this month/30 days?

I hope this helps to alleviate any tarot blocks you might be experiencing.

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The Power of Rephrasing Your Questions for a Tarot Reading

When Tarot is in a film or other fictional piece, it usually involves someone asking the reader if their lover is cheating on them, if they’ll get the job, if they’ll win the lottery, if they are pregnant, should they move, should they go back to school, etc. It makes for great entertainment. That long pause and zoom in on the quirky character before they utter the answer from the cards, cut to the gasp from the querent… The issue with these questions though? They are all YES or NO questions. How anti-climactic! In the real world, unless the reader is a true psychic and skilled at prophecy, asking YES or NO questions is kind of pointless and the answers can throw us completely off course due to arrogance or fear (aka ego, baby!). The deeper work comes from asking HOW, WHAT, and WHY questions. We can get to the heart of the matter much easier this way, and the answers can actually give us actionable steps to get to where we want to be (pending all luck and privileges of course – can’t forget those).

*Again, no disrespect to readers who do y/n questions. If that is your specialty, rock on!

The best way to explain this is by rephrasing the most common questions I get as a reader. You could ask all of these rephrased questions too and pull a card for each one in a single reading. These are just examples of questions though, they aren’t spreads. Though they could be. I’m looping here but that’s another key thing we need to decide before shuffling because a single topic might need a very in-depth reading with multiple questions. We can talk about spreads next time!


Instead of: Is my partner cheating on me?
Ask: How will I know if my partner is cheating on me? or What will happen if my partner cheats on me? or Why might my partner cheat on me?

Instead of: Will I get the job?
Ask: How will I get this job? or What will happen if I get (or don’t get) this job?
or  Why do I want this job?

Instead of: Will I win the lottery?
Ask: How can I win the lottery? or What will happen if I win (or don’t win) the lottery? or Why do I want to win the lottery?

Instead of: Am I pregnant?
Ask: How can I become pregnant? or What will happen if I become (or don’t become) pregnant? or Why do I want to (or not want to) become pregnant?
*Be careful with this one. No need to get health advice from a tarot reader who has no medical cred!

Instead of: Should I move?
Ask: How can I move? or What will happen if I move (or don’t move)? or Why do I want to move (or not)?

Instead of: Should I go back to school?
Ask: How will I feel if I go back to school? or What should I study if I go back to school? or What will happen if I go (or don’t go) back to school? or Why should I go back to school (or not)?

If you need help in rephrasing a question to ask the Tarot, or what to ask in general, comment below and I can help.

Happy reading!

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On January 20/21 (depending on where you are in the world) there is a Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Lunar Eclipses happen during Full Moons, and it’s when the moon passes into Earth’s shadow, which blocks the sun from illuminating it. It might even look red (hence the Blood Moon name this moon also has).

So what does this mean in terms of energy, and tarot, and all that spiritual stuff?

Leo is the protector and facilitator of creativity in the zodiac. Even if your Sun sign is not Leo, that’s ok! Somewhere in your chart there is a little (or a lot of) Leo. Go to cafeastrology.com, get the Time Passages APP, or book a zodiac e-book with me to find out where it might be.

This moon is shining a light on our creativity. Take stock in where your life could use a boost of color and sparkle. What gifts can you share with yourself, your friends and family, in the work place, or to the world on your social media platforms? Don’t worry, you don’t have to spread yourself thin, choose the person/location/platform that makes the most sense, and where you can get the most intuitive and genuine creativity out of yourself. It should feel fun and not like a chore or obligation.

I created this 3-card spread specific to this moon and creativity. The meanings here are broad and for the collective. If you’d like the reading to be tailored to your specific craft/situation, please book a personalized reading for this moon here: GET YOUR READING HERE

CARD 1: Where is there a need for more creativity in our lives?
CARD 2: How can we embrace our creativity more?
CARD 3: What is holding our creativity back?


CARD 1: Where is there a need for more creativity in our lives?
When this card shows up upright, it usually means that there is a clear direction and choice is being made. Reversed, there is a lack of direction, planning, and a fear of the unknown. This card is suggesting that more creativity might be needed in our daily routines. Where have things fallen stagnant and uninspired? It can also mean that risks are ready to be taken. What creative endeavors have been calling to you, but you haven’t been answering? It’s time to pick up the phone.

CARD 2: How can we embrace our creativity more?
Upright, this card represents conflict, however when reversed, it can represent the avoidance of conflict. In answer to our question of how we can embrace or creativity more, the answer might be just as simple as putting an end to avoiding it or getting distracted from it. Take stock in what you do hourly… what time is wasted on things that don’t serve your creative soul? Social Media and Video Games are my problem.

It also might mean that the creativity you wish to embark on, might create some conflict of it’s own and you are fearful of that. Perhaps you are into political art, or a topic that has a lot of controversy. Go with your gut on this, but if your work is focused on humanity and dismantling systems of oppression, put any fears of conflict aside because that is God/Goddess work and we can all (myself included, of course) do more of it.

CARD 3: What is holding our creativity back?
The nine of cups is a card of completion and achievement. It’s an extremely creative card and one that is full of happiness and abundance. So why might such a wonderful card represent something holding us back? Because sometimes, completion is scary. If we complete a project, what is next? Fear of the unknown holds so many of us back and keeps us in the same rhythm. Keep in mind that the end is only the beginning, and finishing one project can lead to several new ones that could bring even more wisdom and achievements. Keep the cycle going.

Embracing my creativity today with this graphic illustration of the Full Moon in Leo. Enjoy!


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Here is a look at some astrological happenings this week, and a “card of the week” pull to tie it all together in a cosmic bow. (This is just a sampling of the things that stood out to me. There are plenty of other happenings should you choose to dive deeper. I am not an astrologer… just a tarot reader who uses the cosmos as a motivational guide. I pulled the times you see below from Llewellyn’s planners – I have a few.)

Moon still in Aries

Moon is “void-of-course” (V/C) at 10:56am EST until 1:31pm EST.  When the moon is “void-of-course”, this means that it is in transition to the next sign in the zodiac as it moves through the cosmos. It’s “void-of-course” because it’s between signs, therefor not within a sign. This is a great time to not do shit! Of course that is not possible for everyone, myself included, as I have quite a few meetings already scheduled during this time. Perhaps nothing will get done, and I will have to be accepting of that. Keep track of what happens (or not) during this time, as see if life is like pulling teeth. If you are a dentist, it might just be pulling teeth, but you get it.

1:31 EST Moon enters Taurus
Taurus loves comfort and beautiful things. Start the week off by making your bed, and getting your home life in order. Prep some food, and nurture yourself. If you are at work at this time, clear some space on your desk, declutter a locker, your car, or anything that makes the space you are in more comfortable.

Still chilling in Taurus
Did you make your bed yet?

Moon V/C 1:34PM EST – 8:00PM EST
Moon enters Gemini  8:00PM EST
Gemini’s love chatter. So much so, they can’t shut up sometimes. (Gemini Rising over here, don’t mind me). This might be a nice time to be more social. Schedule a coffee date with a friend, or call someone. Gemini’s are also curious, so if being social is not in the cards this week (or month), dive deep into a book or series you’ve been wanting to check out and feed the twins with knowledge! (The Gemini twins that is).

Still chilling in Gemini

Moon V/C 8:32PM EST – 10:44PM EST
Moon enters Cancer 10:44PM EST
Cancer rules the home, so perhaps having an early night in instead of partying up a storm elsewhere tonight is the better bet. And if you channeled Taurus earlier in the week, your fresh bed and home will be just what the Dr ordered after a long week.

Still chilling in Cancer

GET READY FOR A FULL MOON AND TOTAL LUNAR  ECLIPSE IN LEO (EARLY) ON THE 21ST! AND AQUARIUS SEASON! This whole week is prep so let’s get some of our shit together before then, shall we? More to come…



THE LOVERS – This card is ruled by Gemini, our moon mid week! Perhaps this is a sign that some of you will go on some dates, get to know new people, and form meaningful relationships. Use the power of the Gemini moon midweek to gain some courage to say “hello” to someone. If you are already in a relationship, open up communication with your partner in order to find more unity and honesty with eachother.

If love is just not happening this week, this card could also be a sign that you will be faced with having to make an important decision this week. Take a look at those “void-of-course” times this week and try not to make the decision within that timing – if possible!!!  Don’t miss an opportunity just because some stranger on the internet suggested that you hold off. Your gut knows best a majority of the time.



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Here is a look at some astrological happenings this week, and a “card of the week” pull to tie it all together in a cosmic bow. (This is just a sampling of the things that stood out to me. There are plenty of other happenings should you choose to dive deeper. I am not an astrologer… just a tarot reader who uses the cosmos as a motivational guide. I pulled the times you see below from Llewellyn’s planners – I have a few.)

Coming out of our New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (post here), the moon will travel through Aquarius, Pisces and Aries this week. Air+Water+Fire! The moon is also Waxing all week… meaning growing with intention.

Here are some times should you recognize a “shift”…

Sunday/6th: Uranus goes Direct 3:27pm (EST)
Uranus is the planet of surprise… it’s been in retrograde since August 2018. Going direct, it might have even more surprises in store. In relation to the message we got yesterday with the eclipse and going with the flow on what we can’t control… best to remember that and continue to put it into practice where we can this week and beyond.

Monday/7th: Moon enters Aquarius 1:46am (EST)
Get ready for weirdness. I might be biased since my Moon is in Aquarius, but this sign in this placement loves to march to the beat of their own drum and “be different.” During this time, stay true to anything that comes up that others might raise their eyebrows at. All within reason of course… don’t be a jerk about it, ok? Aquarius is a lot of air, which tends to represent our intellect and logic. Which means when others are emotional, we might not respond with compassion. Try to where needed. (Think the suit of swords in Tarot)

Wednesday/9th: Moon enters Pisces 2:44pm (EST)
Water works! Just as the moon cycles, and the tides turn, so do our emotions. It’s ok to be happy or non-emotional one day, and the next be sad. When the Moon is in Pisces, we might let our emotions guide us more than our intellect and logic. So as you can see, quiet the opposite of the Moon in Aquarius just before. (Think the suit of cups in Tarot)

Saturday/12th: Moon enters Aries 3:18am (EST)
Aries loves to go for it. Is there anything you’ve been wanting to start, but have been waiting perhaps a little too long? A project, routine, hobby, etc? This weekend might be a nice time to give it a shot. No expectations needed for Aries, they don’t really give a shit! They just do it.



5 of Pentacles Reversed…
If the end of 2018 was difficult, things could be looking up in 2019 if that initial burden of any loss has lightened up. That’s not to say that things are 100% back to normal and happy go lucky… but rather that the light at the end of the tunnel is at least visible now. When this card is upright, the subjects in the foreground are struggling so much that they don’t even see the light behind them, welcoming them in for warmth and support. Reversed, there is at least some awareness. Use the power of the Waxing moon this week to go with the flow of your emotions, learn from them, and see what new things you can feed your soul with. Start to rebuild, and like the moon, you’ll start to see some light again as it grows from new to full in the next two weeks.

*Please also note that I’m not saying everything will be fixed in your life this week and that’s the end of it. Do what you have to do, and if you are privileged, see where you can do unto others as well and boost the collective vs just yourself, ok? Self love and care are cool but not when you hoard the pot of honey all to yourself. Those folks in the 5 of Pentacles need support, maybe that’s you!

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The 2019 cosmos are kicking it into high gear already, with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn TODAY.

Let’s break this down a bit before we get into the reading:

New Moon: In simple terms, a New Moon is when the moon is dark and we can’t see it. In spiritual terms, it’s a great time for new beginnings since this is the moon starting fresh and dark. Writing or drawing up intentions and doing some reorg in your life (even if it’s just mental) is something simple you can do. (Not saying it can’t get complicated, but putting pen to paper or decluttering will do just fine too.)

Solar Eclipse: These babies always occur during a New Moon, and it happens when the moon partially (or totally) blocks the sun. Depending on where you are in the world and what time, you might be able to see it with protective glasses. Spiritually, because this is a SOLAR eclipse, the sun might take the reigns and can give us a needed (or not) push while we start new things. New Moons are a lot of internal work, but with a Solar Eclipse added, external forces might get involved and accelerate or inform us. It’s also important to remember that the energy from eclipses can last for MONTHS – so it’s not just setting intentions today and you are dunzo… long haul contemplation-completion, folks. That’s the game!

Capricorn: Capricorn is an Earth sign, ruled by Saturn, and represented by the horned sea-goat. Strengths include discipline and self-control, weaknesses might include condescending tones, or “know it all” behavior. Depending on where Capricorn is in your chart (go to cafeastrology.com, get the Time Passages APP, or book a zodiac e-book with me), that is where a good portion of your New Moon/Solar Eclipse work can be focused on.

Putting this all together, one way we can all celebrate this New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is finding areas where we can use a little more discipline, and areas where we can loosen our grip and learn something new. Balance is divine.

I’ll use my chart as an example now:
Capricorn is in my 8th house in astrology. That’s about it. I’m not very Earth or Water in fact… lots of Fire and Air going on for me (good times). The 8th house is all about our inner demons and garbage… that shit we don’t want anyone else seeing or smelling. Our ancestry too, sometimes. It’s all about responsibility, but also the desire to stray from it. So I can dig deeper into where I need to pay more attention and step it up, and where I need to back off and rest so that I have the energy and resources to fix what I can. The Planet Earth itself (not the element) is in my 8th house as well. I could even think about my responsibilities in terms of how I contribute (or not) to society and other environmental causes. Astrology gets deeper the more you dig!

I created a 4-card spread specifically for this event as well.
Let’s see what the cards have to say!

*This reading is based on broadly stroked themes that could appeal to the collective. If you’d like your own personal reading for this New Moon in Capricorn/Solar Eclipse, and learn how to harness its energy and make it work for you and a specific matter in your life, you can purchase your own personal New Moon in Capricorn/Solar Eclipse Reading with me HERE!



The Star is the Rebirth card. Sometimes after a trauma or chaotic period, we can have a moment of rebirth. A moment where we strip away what was and start fresh and new. Not in a ”New Year, New You” sense though. This rebirth is deeper than resolutions and can happen any time and will take as long as it does. The Star is also about imagination and creativity, and who explores that better than children? The child in us all could use more discipline, but when I say that I mean stripping away any shady adult habits that have been keeping us down, and disciplining ourselves more to have fun, get creative, and do the things we used to do as kids. Make a list of what those things were, schedule them into your calendars, and discipline yourself to explore again.

I felt so inclined last night to draw Jem:



This card can be one of misfortune, but a reminder that there are cycles. We absolutely should have the freedom to sit in our feelings, feel bad, angry and sad. It’s important to let those emotions run through so they don’t get stuck. It’s also important to look out for the moments where the chaos has calmed down and roll with the changes. Going with the flow more and not getting stuck for too long in negative emotions is the balance. Try not to bypass them though. Trauma is trauma and there is no sense in making total light of it. Not to get morbid but this message kind of reminds me of those moments at a funeral where after everyone has been crying they just start laughing because someone farted.


This card is a similar message to the one above. The Wheel of Fortune is all about the cycles. Shadow work comes into play as well. Letting go of the idea that we are perfect and that we don’t have a dark side is the message. We all have a dark side and a light side. Learn from the dark side in order to let the light shine brighter. But always remember that you can’t have light without dark. Neither can exist without the other. Nobody is perfect. Let go of that word.


The Knight of Wands is pretty fast and furious with passion. A go getter. Reversed, they need to chill. Capricorn will want us to get things done, the New Moon will want us to start fresh, and the Solar Eclipse will want to accelerate it all. Go with the flow as our previous cards have stated, and also reevaluate your work as you go, cross your T’s, dot your I’s, and proof as you go.

Overall, the message that I am getting for today is that we need to get over ourselves where it applies, accept that things won’t go our way all of the time, and push hard on the things that we have confidence in. There will be setbacks, there will be breakthroughs…

Have a great day! Reminder, you can get this reading personalized to your situation. Click here!



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New Moon in Leo + Solar Eclipse

Another summer day, another eclipse. How’s it going? 🤣 Today we find the new moon in Leo, and a solar eclipse (it technically already happened. I’m late to the party). In addition to pride and creativity, Leo is also joyful. Now’s the time to get clear on what actually brings you joy. It’s kind of a loaded question in our bloated world: What brings you joy? Let’s ask the cards how we figure this one out. I think if we can get a grip on these “states” we can get closer to only choosing the joyful bits that fit inside them:


Everyone will have different answers for this. This is what came up for me in the cards. Maybe you can relate to some of it.

In the reversed position, this card encourages us to audit our spending habits. One of the best methods of doing this is writing down every single thing you spend money on each day, for 1 month. Boil it down to weekly and daily averages, then look at what things, big and small, make up the numbers. See what you can “live” without. You’d be surprised.

If you are looking to manifest more material gains, make sure you plan well. When reversed, this card is a bit of warning. Maybe that promotion is too good to be true, or it is at the expense of others and will destroy moral (whatever’s left of it), or there are hidden costs behind a new venture that you are investing in. Put more foresight and consideration into your decision making. Regardless of the outcome, at least you did your homework and learned something.

Acting solely on our emotions can be a dangerous game. That doesn’t mean we can’t get emotional, or express our emotions; but basing our decisions solely on our emotional state can be problematic. Many say you shouldn’t even read your tarot cards if you are super emotional about the topic because you could act too hasty on something.

Another aspect of this card is expectations. We can get very frustrated when things aren’t perfect, but are they ever perfect? Is perfect even achievable? Who made perfect a thing? I want names! When we focus too much on perfection, we end up “failing” and giving up. Being more realistic and just trying our best, is the best we can do sometimes, and we should applaud ourselves for that.

The epitome of “I’m walking away from all the bullshit” card. This card is not about avoidance, but rather the ability to walk away from people, jobs, and things that do not serve us in any capacity. Through the lens of spirituality, there is a call in to leave behind any material or emotional attachments in order to get to what “enlightenment” means to you. How can you possibly focus on spirituality if your home is cluttered, if your job is too mentally/physically/emotionally demanding, or if people are constantly “up in your grill” 24/7? It’s time to walk away from what doesn’t serve you.

HAPPY ECLIPSE! There’s still more brewing in the cosmos.
Mecury retrograde ends on Aug 19th
Mars retrograde ends on Aug 27th
Saturn retraograde ends Sept 6th
(Neptune and Pluto are retrograde too, but that’s above my pay grade!)


Full Moon, Tarot Reading

Full Moon in Aquarius & Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading

On July 27th, we’ll find ourselves in the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The moon is full, and she’s in Aquarius. Being a lunar eclipse, we are pushed to look inward, and deeper than we might want to go. Our demons can be pretty scary. However, it’s super necessary to exorcise them in order to have any sort of progress.

Mars also wants some of the spotlight too, and is continuing its retrograde shenanigans for another month! It’s also very prominant during this eclipse, so get our your telescopes.

What does this all mean? Well, it differs based on your own cosmic make-up, however, collectively, there is a feeling of unrest, stuffiness, and over all “I am so over this shit, my shit, the world’s shit… merde!”

So, let’s do a reading! A Past/Present/Future to gain some insight and ideas for pressing forward during these eclipses (another on Aug 11th!) and retrogrades (Mercury is in retrograde as well.)

PAST – THE DEVIL (reversed)
The devil is in the details, and reversed, you’ve known these details for a while. How many of you are fairly self aware of your issues, addictions, weaknesses, desires, dreams, and yet you don’t do a thing to move past them or towards them? Same here my friends. Time to play our worst nightmare (the IRS) and audit our existence. Take note of all the crap and really sit in it. Create positive change and habits by really owning it and scheduling it into your world. Like, literally, get a journal, bullet journal if you are a doodler, plug in all the good stuff into your phone’s calendar… now is the time to produce your life. Look into your chart, and find the Virgo and/or Capricorn within. Astrology’s Type-A students right there. Channel that. If astrology is not your thing, but Grey’s Anatomy is, then you are to channel Ms. Christina Yang. Keeper of being the best at every damn thing she touches. But! No need to rush. We’ll get to that later.

Yang knows her crap!

One of the most generous archetypes in the deck, The King of Cups is also a master of their feelings. So, maybe you’ve done the work of facing your emotional demons and you’re ready for the next step, the action. Or, this King is a figure in your life (doesn’t have to be male) that possesses these qualities of emotional restraint, generosity, and support. They are your mentor and guiding light in this process. If you don’t have someone like this, it might be time to invest in one. In order to battle those demons from your past, who is the type of person that can help you rise? A therapist? Mentor in your industry? Expert in your hobby? Start looking.

Eclipse energy lasts 6 months, so there is no need to be hasty about any of this. Moving too fast might make you very discouraged. You might jump the gun, and your finances will take a hit, or you’ll engage in so much upheaval that everything is disorganized and malfunctions on you. Take. It. SLOW. As I said, really sit in all of this. Sit in the positive change. Sit in the personal analysis. Sit in the fact that, depending on your circumstances, you might be way more privileged than you ever thought. Just sit still for once and recognize what the most important bits to focus on are. Start budgeting your time, emotions, financials, etc. Create a new groove.

I hope this helps.

Happy Eclipse! Happy Full Moon! Happy Mars! Happy Mercury!
Did I leave anyone out? Probably… it’s crowded up there.

Tarot Reading

Mercury Retrograde: What it means + a Tarot Reading!

Every time Mercury goes Retrograde, I feel like more and more people are posting about it, or are aware of its existence. This is great, but let’s not add fuel to the fire.

Let’s first get into what Mercury Retrograde actually is:
It’s a time when the planet Mercury “appears” to be moving backwards across the sky. “Appears” being the operative word here, because it’s actually all an illusion to the human eye. But this illusion “might” cause a bit of drama. “Might” being the operative word here too.

This is a great explanation:
According to Dr. Hammergren, it’s just a trick of perspective. “Same thing if you were passing a car on a highway, maybe going a little bit faster than they are,” he says. “They’re not really going backwards, they just appear to be going backwards relative to your motion.”

So now that we have some science out of the way, let’s get into the “woo” of it all. It’s been long debated that during Mercury Retrograde, miscommunications, technology failures, delays, errors, and other etc. dramas are extra. Extra meaning, you feel like you are on a roller coaster that has a mind of its own.

While I do notice that things get hairier during Mercury Retrograde, I also stop and ask myself, “Well, what was the excuse for all that nonsense last month when Mercury was direct?”  Do we just notice shit hitting the fan more during a retrograde period?

This is totally fun to debate, but instead of getting no where, I do have some tips for not letting Mercury Retrograde get into your head. I also pulled some tarot cards that suggest some areas we can all work on during this time.

Mercury Retrograde is from March 22/23 – April 14/15.
Retrograde, in my world, means REGROUP.

Since Mercury rules communication, what “regrouping” can you do during a retrograde period?

Context is key during this time. Take a breath before you respond to something, and really ask yourself if you have the whole story. We tend to interpret a person’s attitude by the words that they use in an email or text, but they’re not always accurate. Make sure you are being super clear when communicating, and on the flip side, make sure you have the whole story before you let someone have it! 😉 Also know that if you are as clear as day, dense people still won’t understand you. As a very logic driven person, my communications sound very direct, and perhaps intimidating/too know it all. In reality, I just want the job done well, and I want to call out discrepancies so that the next go-around is more balanced and seamless for everyone. It’s nothing personal (unless it’s personal).

Many believe that signing a contract is a BIG NO NO during retrograde. Honestly, sometimes we can’t get around that. We might miss the opportunity of a lifetime if we put too much weight on this. The best way to go about it in this case, is to let Mercury Retrograde be a reminder to check all of the fine print and really double check your work. Analyze every detail. Cover every base. Get second opinions.

Many of us have just as many personal projects as we do in our careers. Retrograde is a great time to take a look at everything and see where you can adjust. Maybe there are some tasks that are holding you back, or ones that you need to get done to move forward. Perhaps your website needs a refresh, or your social media handles need some love in the content department. Take this time to explore new ways that you can hit the ground running once we are out of this period. Now’s the time to make sure your foundations are solid.

And now, for the fun part. My Mercury Retrograde Tarot Reading.
For this reading, I am using the cards as inspiration for specific things in our lives that need a refresh/regroup. One may apply to you, or a few, or all. That’s up to you.

This card is rebellious. It symbolizes a person who wants to challenge the status quo. During retrograde, I would put some pause on your efforts for a few weeks. Only if you can. Regroup, and make sure your plan is full proof. You want your voice to be heard, so make sure your timing and approach is as close to perfect as you can get it. But remember, perfect does not exist on any scale.

This card is actually associated with Mercury! A true power card, this card suggests that you have everything you need to manifest your desires. That being said, there is a message that you need to remove all distractions so that you can focus on said desire. Use this retrograde period to spot the things that do not serve you and that will distract you. You might have to do some deep cleaning, you might have to postpone meetings, or remove tasks in your day-to-day that don’t do you any favors.

This card represents the home. A harmonious one at that. So, are there repairs that need to get done? Do you need new appliances? Use this time to create an actionable plan for reinventing your space. Don’t start buying shit now, but search for the best deals, test paint colors, get quotes from different contractors, etc. This is experiment time!

THREE OF SWORDS (reversed)
If there was a recent end of a relationship, or even a loss of a friend or family member, this cards suggests that you have more healing to do before you can move on. It might not be the best time to jump into a new relationship. Or, the grief you are dealing with is still too strong. You are still in the weeds, so taking on new things might not be to your benefit. You could have a breakdown or burnout. Grief counseling, hanging out with friends, therapy, new self-care routines, relaxing, watching funny movies; all of things are chill ways, and effective ways, to get out of your funk once retrograde is over.

FOUR OF SWORDS (reversed)
Remember when I said above that you could have a breakdown or burnout if you don’t rest this one out? Well, here’s another warning regarding that. If you are the type of person that needs to get everything done at once (hi, have we met?), now is the time to take that metaphorical “chill pill”. While our minds are racing to get it all done, our bodies are like, “Yo, slow your roll!”  Eventually, our mind catches up and then we feel that hit. Lack of progress is very frustrating, but so is completely losing your mind. Find a balance between the two.

Overall, it is going to feel very difficult to slow down and reassess during this retrograde period. This is because we are also at the very start of the zodiac calendar with Aries, Aries is the first horse out of the gate (I hate horse racing btw, but I couldn’t think of another metaphor). This mentality of “I got this, let’s do this” is butted up against Mercury Retrograde and “slow down people, chill.” Oh the conundrum. Enjoy the balancing act that you are about to  perform. Make it look good!







New Moon, Tarot Reading

New Moon in Pisces Tarot Reading

The New Moon in Pisces today already brings us the messages to go with the flow and embrace our emotions; however, my reading today has a bit of warning when it comes to dealing with our emotions.


Past – Ten of Cups
The picture perfect couple is displayed on this card. They are enjoying the fruits of their labors, and the bounty of their love for each other. In the real world, this can be a representation of a new love interest (the “one” perhaps), or feeling and having long-term satisfaction with a current partner.

In your career, this can represent you doing the work that you are most passionate about, and not worrying about the money.

This is a great card, but when things are going great the universe can tend to throw us curveballs in order to remind us that we need to continue to put in the efforts we have been in order to keep our happiness. We must continue to embrace the positive.

Present -Strength (reversed)
Our weaknesses and self-doubt can sometimes lure us away from our happy place. It’s a classic test to the ego. If you pass, you let go of your ego and stay confident in your true self. If you fail, you let Ego win and you lose touch with reality. It’s ok though, because this is all temporary. Remind yourself of your happy place, that Ten of Cups. We can stay in that place if we don’t doubt ourselves.

Future – King of Swords
I mentioned earlier that during this New Moon we are being encouraged to go with the flow and let our emotions play out. This card however, is a reminder to not completely throw logic out the window. This King is highly intellectual and more detached from emotion. He is a reminder to still use our intellect and rational thought when dealing with our feelings. Sure, we can cry long and hard about it, but the King of Swords wants us to have a plan once our tears have dried up. He wants us to get clear on the issues, and make sense of them. When we do this, we can get back to our happy place.