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BON APPETAROT: The High Priestess’s Tofu “Caprese” Salad

🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 The High Priestess’s Tofu “Caprese” Salad The High Priestess rules the subconscious. Highly intuitive, this card is a symbol of femininity and immense access to knowledge.   When it comes to food, a chef that can use their intuition when recreating something to fit their dietary needs/preferences, by “lifting the veil” in terms of Read More


🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 EIGHT OF CUPS MUSHROOM “ESCARGOT” The Eight of Cups, when upright, can symbolize that it is time to walk away from mundane nonsense and go on an adventure. In the case of this dish, a French adventure. Escargot is traditionally made with snails, but if you don’t eat shellfish, firm crimini mushrooms are Read More


🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 The fusion of food and tarot. THE QUEEN OF WANDS SPICY POTATO & CHICKPEA STEW The suit of wand’s element is fire and the symbolizes abundance and passion, and THE QUEEN is warm, vibrant, and makes a powerful first impression. Much like this spicy stew. INGREDIENTS 3 tbs avocado or coconut oil 1 Read More


🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 🌝 The MOON’S MAC ‘NO’ CHEESE 🌝 The moon card can sometimes point out illusions. In this dish, you won’t miss the cheese because the sauce here is so good it could fool you into thinking it’s dairy. Ingredients for sauce: 2 tbs avocado or coconut oil 1 large yellow onion (or 4 Read More

BON APPETAROT : 9 of Cups “Stuffed Peppers”

🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 9 OF CUPS “STUFFED PEPPERS” 🌶 The 9 of cups celebrates comfort + fulfillment + satisfaction. Those are the feelings you’ll feel, and the smells you’ll smell when you make this. Unless you hate peppers… then you will hate this. 🤓 🌶 INGREDIENTS: Makes 4 stuffed peppers… but you’ll just need 2 LARGE Read More


🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 THE KNIGHT OF PENTACLES “SCALLOPED POTATOES” The Knight of Pentacles has patience and precision, and loves routine and shaping the mundane around them into something exquisite. Enter this recipe for scalloped potatoes, that while takes time (and patience), is worth every minute. It also looks beauteous and tastes maximous. Ingredients:  -5-6 round white Read More

BON APPETAROT : The Queen of Pentacle’s Eggplant ‘Parmesan’

🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 THE QUEEN OF PENTACLE’S EGGPLANT ‘PARMESAN’ The Queen of Pentacles is an Earth Mother. Regardless of “motherhood” status, they’re nurturing and generous to everyone around her, especially making sure that everyone is well fed and content. I imagine them cooking up a storm on Sundays, making a plate for anyone who comes to Read More

BON APPETAROT: The Magician’s Smokey Carrot “Lox”

🍽 BON APPETAROT 🍽 The fusion of food and tarot! The Magician represents power, skill, and concentration. They love to get creative, and the kitchen is the perfect lab for their magical, and tasty, experiments. This recipe is a great alternative for lox (if you don’t eat it fish of course). These carrots are a Read More

BON APPETAROT: ‘Six of Cups’ Roasted Tomato Soup

Starting a new series called: 🍽BON APPETAROT 🍽 You guessed it. It’s the fusion of food and tarot! Within the many meanings and interpretations of the cards, I’m determined to find the connections they have with cooking and food. This is part “just for fun” and part “let’s make some magic in the kitchen.” By Read More

Fresh and Rosey Hibiscus Tea

  Magic happens in the kitchen. Recipes are our practical spells! Here’s a tonic/tea to get you started:  Fresh & Rosey Hibiscus Tea  (cold brewed) 1/2 cup dried hibiscus flowers (tea) 2 tbs dried rose hips 2 tbs dried rose buds 1-2 droppers vanilla liquid stevia orange and lime slices Cold brewed: add ingredients (except Read More