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The 2019 cosmos are kicking it into high gear already, with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn TODAY. Let’s break this down a bit before we get into the reading: New Moon: In simple terms, a New Moon is when the moon is dark and we can’t see it. In spiritual terms, it’s a Read More

New Moon in Leo + Solar Eclipse

Another summer day, another eclipse. How’s it going? 🤣 Today we find the new moon in Leo, and a solar eclipse (it technically already happened. I’m late to the party). In addition to pride and creativity, Leo is also joyful. Now’s the time to get clear on what actually brings you joy. It’s kind of Read More

New Moon in Pisces Tarot Reading

The New Moon in Pisces today already brings us the messages to go with the flow and embrace our emotions; however, my reading today has a bit of warning when it comes to dealing with our emotions. PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE Reading Past – Ten of Cups The picture perfect couple is displayed on Read More

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Reading

There is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse (partial) in Aquarius today! Aquarians must march to the beat of their own drum. They really value their alone time and independence. We all have Aquarius somewhere in our chart. Where it falls tells you where you need to listen to your own intuition and trust your Read More