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On January 20/21 (depending on where you are in the world) there is a Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Lunar Eclipses happen during Full Moons, and it’s when the moon passes into Earth’s shadow, which blocks the sun from illuminating it. It might even look red (hence the Blood Moon name this moon also Read More

Full Moon in Aquarius & Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading

On July 27th, we’ll find ourselves in the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The moon is full, and she’s in Aquarius. Being a lunar eclipse, we are pushed to look inward, and deeper than we might want to go. Our demons can be pretty scary. However, it’s super necessary to exorcise them in order Read More

Full Moon in Virgo Reading

The first of two Full Moons in March ignites the sky tonight at 7:51pm EST. It’s in the sign of Virgo, and below is our reading. Virgo, the perfectionist, inspired my question this morning: How can we deal with perfectionism and letting go? Perfectionism is not the worst thing in the world. I LOVE details Read More

Full Moon in Leo/Eclipse Tarot Reading

The Full Moon in Leo today also offers us an eclipse (it happened this morning, but eclipse energy can last for months), and it’s a Blue Moon. Let’s break this down. (Scroll down for the reading if you just came here for that.) Full Moon in Leo: Full Moons “shine a light” on things in Read More