Beware the Ides of March! OK relax. Here are your March 2021 Tarotscopes. Mercury Retrograde ended on February 21st, but we have it’s lovely shadow period still lurking until the 13th. We are also in the throws of Pisces season. Pisces is big on emotions and creativity, so I’ve put a focus on these for Read More


February is chock full of cosmic goodies. We have Mercury Retrograde (don’t panic), Saturn square Uranus (prepare yourself), Venus moves into Aquarius (let’s get weird), and of course our new and full moons, to name a few. The cards pulled are meant to give you some motivation and insights to have the best month possible. Read More


Tarot usually pops up in films with a psychic flaunting their essential oil soaked tapestries in the window, along with a classy neon sign which lures its desperate clients into their cosmic lair for an hour long chat about whether or not their partner is cheating on them. I’m not putting psychics who use tarot Read More

30 Questions to Ask the Tarot

Sometimes the hardest part of reading tarot is knowing what to ask. We might even quit before we start because we just don’t know. Here’s a list of 30 questions to get you started. These are set up for a 30 Days of Tarot challenge. DAY 1: What do I want to call in this Read More

BON APPETAROT: The High Priestess’s Tofu “Caprese” Salad

🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 The High Priestess’s Tofu “Caprese” Salad The High Priestess rules the subconscious. Highly intuitive, this card is a symbol of femininity and immense access to knowledge.   When it comes to food, a chef that can use their intuition when recreating something to fit their dietary needs/preferences, by “lifting the veil” in terms of Read More

Killing Eve – Zodiac Edition

I have now joined the bandwagon that is assigning fictional characters their zodiac signs. Let the games begin. Feel free to argue with me… it will only help my algorithm. “Killing Eve” is a cat and mouse story based on the novella “Codename Villanelle” by Luke Jennings, and developed for TV by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. It Read More


🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 EIGHT OF CUPS MUSHROOM “ESCARGOT” The Eight of Cups, when upright, can symbolize that it is time to walk away from mundane nonsense and go on an adventure. In the case of this dish, a French adventure. Escargot is traditionally made with snails, but if you don’t eat shellfish, firm crimini mushrooms are Read More


🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 The fusion of food and tarot. THE QUEEN OF WANDS SPICY POTATO & CHICKPEA STEW The suit of wand’s element is fire and the symbolizes abundance and passion, and THE QUEEN is warm, vibrant, and makes a powerful first impression. Much like this spicy stew. INGREDIENTS 3 tbs avocado or coconut oil 1 Read More

The Power of Rephrasing Your Questions for a Tarot Reading

When Tarot is in a film or other fictional piece, it usually involves someone asking the reader if their lover is cheating on them, if they’ll get the job, if they’ll win the lottery, if they are pregnant, should they move, should they go back to school, etc. It makes for great entertainment. That long Read More


🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 🌝 The MOON’S MAC ‘NO’ CHEESE 🌝 The moon card can sometimes point out illusions. In this dish, you won’t miss the cheese because the sauce here is so good it could fool you into thinking it’s dairy. Ingredients for sauce: 2 tbs avocado or coconut oil 1 large yellow onion (or 4 Read More

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