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The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread will include the following:Card 1: The Present (current situation/state of mind)Card 2: The Challenge (the problem)Card 3: The Past (what led up to this)Card 4: The Future (possible short-term outcome)Card 5: Above (your aspirations)Card 6: Below (what lies beneath in your subconscious)Card 7: Advice (a recommendation)Card 8: External Influences (what… Continue reading CELTIC CROSS TAROT SPREAD

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Beware the Ides of March! OK relax. Here are your March 2021 Tarotscopes. Mercury Retrograde ended on February 21st, but we have it’s lovely shadow period still lurking until the 13th. We are also in the throws of Pisces season. Pisces is big on emotions and creativity, so I’ve put a focus on these for… Continue reading MARCH 2021 TAROTSCOPES

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BON APPETAROT: The High Priestess’s Tofu “Caprese” Salad

🍽BON APPETAROT🍽 The High Priestess's Tofu "Caprese" Salad The High Priestess rules the subconscious. Highly intuitive, this card is a symbol of femininity and immense access to knowledge.   When it comes to food, a chef that can use their intuition when recreating something to fit their dietary needs/preferences, by "lifting the veil" in terms of… Continue reading BON APPETAROT: The High Priestess’s Tofu “Caprese” Salad