Ready to mix things up? Take a peek at my Runes Castings! These Germanic letters have meanings that run deep, just like Tarot. I’ll roll the Runes while considering your question/s to give you some fresh insights. Keep in mind, this reading is for inspiration only and won’t predict your future or tell you what to do. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. As always, these readings are for entertainment purposes only.

What you get:
Get ready to unwrap your digital gift! You’ll receive a photo of the runes that were rolled just for you, as well as a PDF document with explanations of each rune and loads of inspiration and insight. It’s the perfect combo of visuals and words to satisfy your reading cravings.

Sorry, Charlie. If you’re looking for a crystal ball, you’ve come to the wrong place. This reading isn’t for you if you want a fortune told. I’m all about inspiring and entertaining, not predicting.


Runes Casting

Get ready for a digital delight! Your reading will be delivered as a PDF with photos and descriptions of the revealed runes. No calls or Zoom necessary. Remember, readings are for entertainment only and you’re responsible for your own actions. Please take a moment to review our refund policy before purchasing.


REFUND POLICY: Upon submitting the questionnaire form, you must acknowledge that refunds are not available unless the reading is not delivered within one week. However, if you choose not to submit the form, you can receive a full refund upon request. Refunds are also provided if the questionnaire is not promptly submitted, as a reading cannot be facilitated without it. Please purchase responsibly as no refunds will be issued after the reading has been delivered due to digital file delivery. Please remember to save your files, as I cannot guarantee that they will be saved forever due to technology mishaps.

*Tarot & Astrology cannot replace clinical help from licensed professionals. For matters relating to mental and physical health, finances, legal issues, etc., please consult your doctors, therapists, trainers, financial advisors, and lawyers. Please remember that you are responsible for your own actions. Readings are strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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