Unlock the secrets of your birth chart with me, without having to share too much TMI. I’ll break down your chart into a pretty PDF that you can reference whenever you wish. Find out what your loving Venus and chatty Mercury are up to, and get more inspired to seize your days ahead. It’s like having your own astrological Myers-Briggs guidebook. If you’re too shy to share your deets, that’s cool too. I can help you find your chart on your own, you can remove any dates/locations, and we’ll go from there!

What you get:
PDF document of the birth chart analysis.

This reading is for you if:
You’d like to get more inspiration and insights based on your birth chart information.

This reading is not for you if:
You want your future predicted or to be told what to do.

Birth Chart Foundations

Get a personalized PDF guidebook of your astrology birth chart, including planet placements, houses, and transits to help you uncover your hidden talents. Note that this is not a predictive reading and all readings are for entertainment purposes only. You are solely responsible for your actions.


REFUND POLICY: Upon submitting the questionnaire form, you must acknowledge that refunds are not available unless the reading is not delivered within one week. However, if you choose not to submit the form, you can receive a full refund upon request. Refunds are also provided if the questionnaire is not promptly submitted, as a reading cannot be facilitated without it. Please purchase responsibly as no refunds will be issued after the reading has been delivered due to digital file delivery. Please remember to save your files, as I cannot guarantee that they will be saved forever due to technology mishaps.

*Tarot & Astrology cannot replace clinical help from licensed professionals. For matters relating to mental and physical health, finances, legal issues, etc., please consult your doctors, therapists, trainers, financial advisors, and lawyers. Please remember that you are responsible for your own actions. Readings are strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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