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Oh, hello July! Cancer Season brings out emotions up to the surface. This is not a bad thing. We want emotions (ours and other’s) to be expressed, heard, and taken seriously. We also want emotions expressed in the best and healthiest ways possible. No tidal waves this summer. Just smooth sailing. With a slight chance of thunderstorms. It happens.

Being my birth month, although I’m not a Cancer Sun, I’ve picked this super fun 90’s deck for these tarotscopes. Let the nostalgia begin and help us dig deeper.


Traditionally, this card is about teamwork. What better representation that the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus? When it comes to your core Aries emotions this month, get together (safely) with your fave witches and talk through your issues. Help each other with solutions and support. Try not to hex the neighborhood, or one up each other with your drama. It’s not a competition. Remember – TEAM WORK!


Bake those tears! This Queen is the pinnacle of emotional intelligence. Patient and kind. Don’t just bake for yourself. Share your deliciousness with others. Instead of solely focusing on your drama, you might want to offer support to others as well. Offering something sweet always feels good. You got this, dude!


Bring on the charm. So many cards are popping up regarding helping others while we might be struggling a little too. It just goes to show how staying in our own bubble to stew is not helpful for TOO long. If we all pop out to share the love and attention, we’ll all benefit from it. We can of course focus on ourselves too. This is just a call for balance and being a good human. Offer your best advice to your friends, while also listening to their needs. Clarissa Explains It All gives the vibe that you’ve got a lot of wisdom to share, just be mindful of talking over people while they are trying to express themselves to you.

(I really need to shuffle this deck more. I thought I did.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Be gentle with yourself and others this month. Page’s like to offer their services to others but can fall into the trap of doing only what others want them to do. Remember when Ted had to go to Military School against his wishes? Fight that. Wind your watch, remember the trash can, say hello to the princesses, and never give up on your dreams.


Leo’s crave that limelight, and seeing Aaliyah here is an emotional reminder that life is short. Follow your heart as much as you can, and find your truth and live it. Don’t just do it for the attention, or for “the gram”, or for anyone other than yourself. Shine through your soul. When The Star pops up it’s like a second chance. Take it. Run with it.


Don’t answer the door when the Avon (or Beachbody) lady shows up. JK, that one is for the Edward S Hands fans! The Tower is a heavy hitter and represents a time that uproots our lives without warning. Or obvious warning. Remind yourself that every storm passes. Yes, It leaves damage that we might have to clean up, and some things may never be the same. Try not to overwhelm yourself with tasks or with trying to be someone you are not, like Mr. Edward over here. We don’t always have to fit in, especially if it’s not working. Look for sustainability in your life.


Power trips! Nancy from The Craft knows all about it now doesn’t she? Ignoring our deep wounds can be addicting. But they follow us, which fuels the addiction of turning a blind eye. We then make pour decisions not only for ourselves, but for the collective as well. Not dealing with our trauma can affect people in our life too. If you feel out of control deep down, a quick fix is usually in the form of trying to control others with your power. No no. Use your power for good and to heal yourself first.


When our emotions are running high we get dragged down rather quickly. Cue Ross…. “hiiiiiii”. Side note – I hate Ross. Apologies for this card, Scorpio… but let’s not be like Ross this month and manipulate people by dragging them down along with you. Look for the folks that can help lift you up. Grab their hand and say take me with you! Be open to feeling fantastic. Acknowledge the downs. They exist, but they do not have to run things, or you. They just don’t.


Oh, hey Rachel. fancy meeting you here. What did Ross do to you now? Guess what? You’ll be ok without him. No need to feel trapped. Bandage yourself up, get proper rest, and try again when you feel that positive urge. Setbacks are normal and many times needed so we can really access what is going on. They give us the time and space to see the bigger picture.


Have the same thoughts been stalking you for years and you want to get rid of them but just can’t? This is the month to really try and kick them out. Every time they pop up say “Hi”, then “BYE”. Shut that door. Do not let them come any further to haunt you. Easier said than done, but imagine the progress of just literally saying BYE BYE every time? Eventually, they will get tired of trying to bother you. Why bother someone that can’t be bothered, right?


Back to sharing is caring. Finding a like minded soul to talk to will be key this month, and for Aquarius that might be a little tricky because y’all are just so damn unique. The Wayan’s are a great reminder to regarding laughter. We can laugh when we are in a bad mood and sad. We can have both emotions. We don”t have to be stuck in one all of the time. This doesn’t make you manic, it makes you human. Watch a funny movie with your best friend, or make them laugh by sending hilarious memes that only the two of you will understand. It’s bonding time!


Where is your heart in all of what you are dealing with right now? Pisces is very good at running away from problems. Being good at it, is not a good thing though. Ignoring problems, or dumping issues onto others, will eventually backfire. Instead of being afraid, let the courage in your heart push you to face your fears, deal with your issues; and most importantly, do not blame every other soul on your problems. They are your issues because you are labeling them as an issue. Fix it and move on.

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