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Let’s see what the cards have in store for your sign this month. Taurus is in the house, and that means we can get a bit stuck in our ways, and the stubbornness can hold us back or push people away. That’s not to say that being stubborn is a bad thing ALL of the time. Being stubborn can just mean you have standards. But for the sake of this reading, let’s find out where we can loosen the reigns a bit.


As an Aries, you just want to move fast, get it done, and have fun! No rules. This is why we love you, but your unwillingness to follow rules, or “do as your told”, might backfire this month. Try to read the room, and gauge where you might have to wait to respond. You might be jumping the gun if you don’t and will pay the price as chaos ensues.


Instead of taking the lead, where can you follow without falling into the Taurean trap of dependence? Learning from someone you respect will help you see things in a new light and provide much needed perspective. As a Taurus, you can be stuck in your ways in general. Have high quality standards is great, letting those standards hold you back and stall your evolution is not. The key is, what new things can you learn from inspiring teachers?


Gemini is already playful, so take it up a notch. I don’t know about you, but I’m living for 90’s vintage anything. Dig deep into what was trending when you were a child/teen. What items, hobbies, songs, and movies tickle that inner child humor and energy that you once had. Let these things stoke up a new found resilience. No need to act like a stubborn adult. Play time!


Even though we have to be careful when complying in relationships, compromises are necessary too. Understanding that you AND your partner (in love, friendship, or business) has needs and free will too means that seeing eye-to-eye 100% is almost impossible. Give each other space. Listen.


Leo living high and mighty on their thrown, come back down to reality. Yes, you are a force of nature and it can be too much for people. Your “reality” might even change according to the time of day or the weather. Pay attention to your surroundings and react to what is right in front of you instead of making up stories. Time to get your head out of clouds, and focus on the present instead of the future for a bit.


You are always on the go. Planning and organizing. Organizing and planning. No rest for the weary, but now it’s time to rest. Just chill out. Try not to let the “to-do” lists overwhelm you. Stay put a little more this month to catch your breath, otherwise you might find yourself spinning out of control and mistakes will happen as a result.


Taking time for ourselves is incredibly important. More than that, nourishing ourselves with good food, a healthy environment, and all the things that boost our existence instead of numbing it will help us benefit greatly. Are you hoarding all of the enrichment though? Is there someone in your life, or a group in your neighborhood, that could utilize some of this good fortune? Where can you share the wealth instead of keeping it ALL to yourself?


Partying like it’s 1999? Maybe not in 2021 given the state of things, unless you are completely fearless and over it. To each their own. Don’t forget a rest period. Doing too much, too fast, after long periods of nothing can deplete all of those reserves you stored up, leaving you feeling lethargic and perhaps even ill. Not the time for that. Take care of yourself.


Time to make some magic happen, and remember that it doesn’t always happen overnight. We have to catch up with ourselves, so work on your goals a little bit each day. Time flies and before you know it, poof! You did it. Bippity Boppity BOO!


Surrender yourself to inevitable change in order to transform and evolve. Resisting and holding on to the past will only make things more difficult. Let it be known that you are ready and willing to go. If you are not ready to surrender, then accept that things will stay as they are. No complaining when it’s on you.


You love the comfort of being on your own. It’s safe, expected, and exactly what you need. No more, no less. However, are you avoiding people out of fear? Now is kind of the time to do that for some that really need the boundaries, but too much isolation can backfire. Take little steps in confronting your fears. Even just acknowledging them in the moment is a step in the right direction when it comes to overcoming. After all, when everything is lifted you’ll want to be ready to go.


Accept that you cannot control everything no matter how hard you try to. If something doesn’t work out, move on. You can come back to most things and try again, but spinning your wheels and tightening your grip 24/7 will burn you out.

Happy May!

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