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The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread will include the following:
Card 1: The Present (current situation/state of mind)
Card 2: The Challenge (the problem)
Card 3: The Past (what led up to this)
Card 4: The Future (possible short-term outcome)
Card 5: Above (your aspirations)
Card 6: Below (what lies beneath in your subconscious)
Card 7: Advice (a recommendation)
Card 8: External Influences (what will affect your outcome)
Card 9: Hopes/Fears (desires and anxieties)
Card 10: Outcome (not a prediction, but where the potential lies within/ where things could be headed long term)

This is not a psychic reading, but an intuitive analysis of the cards drawn for you. A reading of this magnitude is to help deepen your understanding of any issues you are facing, and is meant to give insight and advice as to how you yourself can work through it.

These readings are great for questions that you want answered step by step, and in a magnitude of detail that will also give you an overall/general look at the situation. They aren’t designed for issues that are very nuanced. Career, moving, relationships, or breaking habits work well with this spread. All readings also include an original sketch/drawing inspired by the messages received and will be delivered as a JPEG printable.

This reading is currently available via email only, I do not facilitate readings over the phone/zoom at this time. Once we agree on the spread, you will receive a written PDF of the reading and I will answer any initial follow-up questions. Reminder, this is NOT a psychic reading. I am an intuitive reader that specializes in the personal development space.

These readings are designed to offer guidance should you choose to adhere, and are for entertainment purposes only.

$111.00 USD via PayPal:

*Please be aware that I may ask follow-up questions in order to process a proper reading for you. Allow 24-48 hrs for a response after purchase.


Readings are ONLY available via email. I do not do readings in person, or via phone/video chat. I do not do psychic predictions. I’m here to help you get what you want.

Please allow 24-48 hours to get a response after purchasing a session. I will contact you. The initial reading and writing for sessions will take approximately 1 week or less (once we agree on a spread, not at the time of purchase), but it’s also based on my availability.

NO REFUNDS – unless I cannot complete your request.

The seeker is responsible for their own actions and must use their own judgment. I simply offer advice and guidance, and it is up to the client to take it or leave it.

The seeker has my confidentiality.

If you are suffering from depression or any other clinical diseases, please consult with your LICENSED doctor. I am not qualified to help you on those topics. My services are in the spiritual/personal development space. Same goes for legal advice. I am not a lawyer. 😉

For more on the American Tarot Association’s “Code of Ethics”, please CLICK HERE!

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