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30 Questions to Ask the Tarot

Sometimes the hardest part of reading tarot is knowing what to ask. We might even quit before we start because we just don’t know. Here’s a list of 30 questions to get you started. These are set up for a 30 Days of Tarot challenge.

DAY 1: What do I want to call in this month?
DAY 2: What should I look out for this week?
DAY 3: What message does the New Moon have for me?
(You can save this for when there is an actual New Moon)
DAY 4: How can I move forward in my career?
DAY 5: How can I open myself up more to love?
DAY 6: What patterns am I stuck in?
DAY 7: What am I not seeing?
DAY 8: What energy should I focus on today?
DAY 9: What is the core issue that I am facing right now?
DAY 10: How can I restore my hope for the future?
DAY 11: How can I develop more patience?
DAY 12: Where might my anxiety be coming from?
DAY 13: What should I be doing more of?
DAY 14: What should I think about this weekend?
DAY 15: What detail am I missing?
DAY 16: What might be blocking my creativity?
DAY 17: What message does the Full Moon have for me?
(You can save this for when there is an actual Full Moon)
DAY 18: How can I unpack my own bullshit?
DAY 19: What is my confidence hiding under?
DAY 20: How can I boost my energy levels?
DAY 21: What is standing in my way of optimal health?
DAY 22: What can I get rid of?
DAY 23: How can I regain my strength?
DAY 24: How can I deal with toxic people/
DAY 25: What is blocking my voice?
DAY 26: What can I do for the greater good?
DAY 27: What should I learn from my past?
DAY 28: How can I feel more connected to others?
DAY 29: What is holding my health back?
Day 30: What progress have I made this month/30 days?

I hope this helps to alleviate any tarot blocks you might be experiencing.

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