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Killing Eve – Zodiac Edition

I have now joined the bandwagon that is assigning fictional characters their zodiac signs. Let the games begin. Feel free to argue with me… it will only help my algorithm.

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“Killing Eve” is a cat and mouse story based on the novella “Codename Villanelle” by Luke Jennings, and developed for TV by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. It stars the incomparable Sandra Oh as Eve, the passionate MI5/6 security officer, and the I-don’t-even-know-how-to-describe-her-brilliance-yet Jodie Comer as Villanelle. The most interesting woman (and assassin) in the whole damn universe.

Let’s start with Eve… she’s the title character in this version of the story after all.



I’ve given Eve a Pisces Sun because her intuition is what guides her almost 100% of the time. At her core (which is our sun sign) she is an intuitive. She goes with her gut feelings and adjusts to the tides. Sometimes she can’t even explain how or why she knows what Villanelle is up to, she just knows and she must follow her instincts to find her. Pisces also rules the planet Venus, and if we know our art history when it comes to Botticelli, we know his Birth of Venus painting suggests (by some), you guessed it, The Fall of Eve. I rest my case on her sun sign.

Here’s that Pisces intuition at work:


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Eve’s rising sign is Gemini. I bestow this witty sign upon her because this is how the world sees her: Witty (who could forget her calling her boss a “dickswab”), charming, and LOVES to learn. Learning is super important to folks who have a rising sign in Gemini. If they can’t flex their curiosity, there really is no point in doing anything. Eve is always curious and willing to dig deeper, even into just a mere hunch.


An agent with a Gemini sense of humor:


And finally, I think Eve’s Moon sign is in Scorpio. Here is where all that sexy Eve-biz lies. It’s also, in my opinion, the KEY with a capital K-E-Y to her and Villanelle’s connection with each other (notice I didn’t use the term attraction). This is a C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-O-N. Scorpio Moons are all about commitment, fear of betrayal, testing their loved ones, and their ability to see right through a person unlike anyone else. And I actually think they both have it (spoiler alert), and for the same reasons. I’ll add a little more to this when we get to Villanelle’s Moon in Scorpio. Hang tight!


Scorpio Moon getting all up in Villanelle’s psychological:



Now let’s go to Villanelle. Oh my. Before I get into it I just have to say that, to me, she is almost all fire. An astrological WILD FIRE at that, with a tich of water that makes things steam and sizzle a bit.


Aries Sun right off the bat. She has 0% fear and is 100% action, spared no expense. She’s impatient, restless, gets bored easily, and loves a challenge. Aries Sun folks also have a very playful/childlike demeanor, and she often displays this in the series with her outfits and interactions with Konstantin and other children.



When it comes to her rising sign, which is how others see us, I see her as Leo Rising. Extravagant costumes, creative and theatrical kills, and those eyes she makes at her prey. One just can’t deny that there is Leo in this Lioness.  Protective of her people, but at the same time, feral to the point where she might kill them too. You just never know… depends on how hungry she is, perhaps.

Leo stalking her prey:


Leo theatrics at work here:

And finally, her Scorpio Moon, which is the key to her and Eve. This is where they connect. The Moon represents the divine feminine, and these two cherubs flow along with the same tide. When one goes this way, the other follows. When one resists, the other bursts into unstoppable tears. The thought of losing each other would be their death. Their killing.

Also… how Scorpio is this outfit?




And… here are our Scorpio Moon Goddesses in action together:


I won’t deny that Villanelle must have Sagitarrius in her chart somewhere, perhaps even a stellium because she loves getting that attention. Eve is also dancing with some Libra since she’s all about that J-U-S-T-I-C-E. But discussing their other potential planet signs too would take the time that I need to continue watching this show… and sleep.
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How’d I do? What characters would you like to see featured next?

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*all images are from BBC America, AMC, and Tumblr/Gif searches. I do not hold any rights to them nor do I claim that they are my creations. I created the image with the zodiacs signs, but I am not the photographer nor do I own the rights to the original keyart from the show. This is fan commentary and not sponsored/paid content. Thank you.

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  1. Ok haha it is funny that we thought same sings about Vilanelle but different places for those signs. My thoughts bout Vilanelle:
    Sun Scorpio
    Rising Aries
    Moon Libra
    Venus Leo
    Mars Scorpio
    Jupiter Leo
    Mercury Aries

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