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The Power of Rephrasing Your Questions for a Tarot Reading

When Tarot is in a film or other fictional piece, it usually involves someone asking the reader if their lover is cheating on them, if they’ll get the job, if they’ll win the lottery, if they are pregnant, should they move, should they go back to school, etc. It makes for great entertainment. That long pause and zoom in on the quirky character before they utter the answer from the cards, cut to the gasp from the querent… The issue with these questions though? They are all YES or NO questions. How anti-climactic! In the real world, unless the reader is a true psychic and skilled at prophecy, asking YES or NO questions is kind of pointless and the answers can throw us completely off course due to arrogance or fear (aka ego, baby!). The deeper work comes from asking HOW, WHAT, and WHY questions. We can get to the heart of the matter much easier this way, and the answers can actually give us actionable steps to get to where we want to be (pending all luck and privileges of course – can’t forget those).

*Again, no disrespect to readers who do y/n questions. If that is your specialty, rock on!

The best way to explain this is by rephrasing the most common questions I get as a reader. You could ask all of these rephrased questions too and pull a card for each one in a single reading. These are just examples of questions though, they aren’t spreads. Though they could be. I’m looping here but that’s another key thing we need to decide before shuffling because a single topic might need a very in-depth reading with multiple questions. We can talk about spreads next time!


Instead of: Is my partner cheating on me?
Ask: How will I know if my partner is cheating on me? or What will happen if my partner cheats on me? or Why might my partner cheat on me?

Instead of: Will I get the job?
Ask: How will I get this job? or What will happen if I get (or don’t get) this job?
or  Why do I want this job?

Instead of: Will I win the lottery?
Ask: How can I win the lottery? or What will happen if I win (or don’t win) the lottery? or Why do I want to win the lottery?

Instead of: Am I pregnant?
Ask: How can I become pregnant? or What will happen if I become (or don’t become) pregnant? or Why do I want to (or not want to) become pregnant?
*Be careful with this one. No need to get health advice from a tarot reader who has no medical cred!

Instead of: Should I move?
Ask: How can I move? or What will happen if I move (or don’t move)? or Why do I want to move (or not)?

Instead of: Should I go back to school?
Ask: How will I feel if I go back to school? or What should I study if I go back to school? or What will happen if I go (or don’t go) back to school? or Why should I go back to school (or not)?

If you need help in rephrasing a question to ask the Tarot, or what to ask in general, comment below and I can help.

Happy reading!

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