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On February 2nd, the Pagan holiday of IMBOLC will be over-shadowed by Groundhog Day… unless you are a “witch” of course.

Imbolc is the Pagan celebration of the first signs of spring. Like those little daffodils or buds that manage to spring up through the snow. Sadly, with the state of the environment today, I’m not sure Imbolc is as relavent as it once was in terms of timing. Maybe in late March this year for us North East coasters anyway. Brrr!

In Italian Witchcraft, Lupercus (Festa di Lupercus or Lupercalia) is observed on the 2nd as a celebration of purification and fertility, and the last cycle of winter. Embracing one’s sexual energy is also a key element in this celebration. This was also most likely appropriated, as it’s very similar to the ancient Roman celebration called Februalia, where the god Faunus and the goddess Juno are the the key deities. Faunus is the wild and sexual male energy, and Juno is a protector of female energy, which keeps this celebration nice and balanced. (Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras… anyone?)

The tarot card that rules this time, in my opinion, is the Star. The Star symbolizes rebirth and renewal, and is represented by the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

As far as rituals go, cleaning, decluttering (I know a lot of you are watching Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up, so now is literally the time!) and planting (if you can) are in order. Instead of planting literal seeds, you can also plant ideas and other metaphorical “plants” that will enhance your growth this year. You can also take a nod from Aquarius and do something completely “out there” and unexpected. Take a risk!

Some other ideas:
warm baths with candles
make a vegan nut cheese (or regular milk cheese)
make your own candles (be careful!)

I know it’s cold for some of us right now, but it’s time to start waking up. Take your time. Ease into it.

Happy Imbolc!



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