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Here is a look at some astrological happenings this week, and a “card of the week” pull to tie it all together in a cosmic bow. (This is just a sampling of the things that stood out to me. There are plenty of other happenings should you choose to dive deeper. I am not an astrologer… just a tarot reader who uses the cosmos as a motivational guide. I pulled the times you see below from Llewellyn’s planners – I have a few.)

Coming out of our New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (post here), the moon will travel through Aquarius, Pisces and Aries this week. Air+Water+Fire! The moon is also Waxing all week… meaning growing with intention.

Here are some times should you recognize a “shift”…

Sunday/6th: Uranus goes Direct 3:27pm (EST)
Uranus is the planet of surprise… it’s been in retrograde since August 2018. Going direct, it might have even more surprises in store. In relation to the message we got yesterday with the eclipse and going with the flow on what we can’t control… best to remember that and continue to put it into practice where we can this week and beyond.

Monday/7th: Moon enters Aquarius 1:46am (EST)
Get ready for weirdness. I might be biased since my Moon is in Aquarius, but this sign in this placement loves to march to the beat of their own drum and “be different.” During this time, stay true to anything that comes up that others might raise their eyebrows at. All within reason of course… don’t be a jerk about it, ok? Aquarius is a lot of air, which tends to represent our intellect and logic. Which means when others are emotional, we might not respond with compassion. Try to where needed. (Think the suit of swords in Tarot)

Wednesday/9th: Moon enters Pisces 2:44pm (EST)
Water works! Just as the moon cycles, and the tides turn, so do our emotions. It’s ok to be happy or non-emotional one day, and the next be sad. When the Moon is in Pisces, we might let our emotions guide us more than our intellect and logic. So as you can see, quiet the opposite of the Moon in Aquarius just before. (Think the suit of cups in Tarot)

Saturday/12th: Moon enters Aries 3:18am (EST)
Aries loves to go for it. Is there anything you’ve been wanting to start, but have been waiting perhaps a little too long? A project, routine, hobby, etc? This weekend might be a nice time to give it a shot. No expectations needed for Aries, they don’t really give a shit! They just do it.



5 of Pentacles Reversed…
If the end of 2018 was difficult, things could be looking up in 2019 if that initial burden of any loss has lightened up. That’s not to say that things are 100% back to normal and happy go lucky… but rather that the light at the end of the tunnel is at least visible now. When this card is upright, the subjects in the foreground are struggling so much that they don’t even see the light behind them, welcoming them in for warmth and support. Reversed, there is at least some awareness. Use the power of the Waxing moon this week to go with the flow of your emotions, learn from them, and see what new things you can feed your soul with. Start to rebuild, and like the moon, you’ll start to see some light again as it grows from new to full in the next two weeks.

*Please also note that I’m not saying everything will be fixed in your life this week and that’s the end of it. Do what you have to do, and if you are privileged, see where you can do unto others as well and boost the collective vs just yourself, ok? Self love and care are cool but not when you hoard the pot of honey all to yourself. Those folks in the 5 of Pentacles need support, maybe that’s you!

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