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New Moon in Leo + Solar Eclipse

Another summer day, another eclipse. How’s it going? 🤣 Today we find the new moon in Leo, and a solar eclipse (it technically already happened. I’m late to the party). In addition to pride and creativity, Leo is also joyful. Now’s the time to get clear on what actually brings you joy. It’s kind of a loaded question in our bloated world: What brings you joy? Let’s ask the cards how we figure this one out. I think if we can get a grip on these “states” we can get closer to only choosing the joyful bits that fit inside them:


Everyone will have different answers for this. This is what came up for me in the cards. Maybe you can relate to some of it.

In the reversed position, this card encourages us to audit our spending habits. One of the best methods of doing this is writing down every single thing you spend money on each day, for 1 month. Boil it down to weekly and daily averages, then look at what things, big and small, make up the numbers. See what you can “live” without. You’d be surprised.

If you are looking to manifest more material gains, make sure you plan well. When reversed, this card is a bit of warning. Maybe that promotion is too good to be true, or it is at the expense of others and will destroy moral (whatever’s left of it), or there are hidden costs behind a new venture that you are investing in. Put more foresight and consideration into your decision making. Regardless of the outcome, at least you did your homework and learned something.

Acting solely on our emotions can be a dangerous game. That doesn’t mean we can’t get emotional, or express our emotions; but basing our decisions solely on our emotional state can be problematic. Many say you shouldn’t even read your tarot cards if you are super emotional about the topic because you could act too hasty on something.

Another aspect of this card is expectations. We can get very frustrated when things aren’t perfect, but are they ever perfect? Is perfect even achievable? Who made perfect a thing? I want names! When we focus too much on perfection, we end up “failing” and giving up. Being more realistic and just trying our best, is the best we can do sometimes, and we should applaud ourselves for that.

The epitome of “I’m walking away from all the bullshit” card. This card is not about avoidance, but rather the ability to walk away from people, jobs, and things that do not serve us in any capacity. Through the lens of spirituality, there is a call in to leave behind any material or emotional attachments in order to get to what “enlightenment” means to you. How can you possibly focus on spirituality if your home is cluttered, if your job is too mentally/physically/emotionally demanding, or if people are constantly “up in your grill” 24/7? It’s time to walk away from what doesn’t serve you.

HAPPY ECLIPSE! There’s still more brewing in the cosmos.
Mecury retrograde ends on Aug 19th
Mars retrograde ends on Aug 27th
Saturn retraograde ends Sept 6th
(Neptune and Pluto are retrograde too, but that’s above my pay grade!)


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