Kristen’s Tarot “Code of Ethics”

Hey everyone!

I would like to take the time to explain the tarot work that I do in a little (ok, a lot) more detail. Between getting a few questions, and through my own tarot certification process, I felt called in to explain.

First and foremost, I am NOT a psychic.
I do not tell fortunes or predict future outcomes for people. I also won’t “curse your ex” for 500 dollars extra. That is a common myth about the tarot. Yes, some real psychics use tarot as their guide for visioning, but it’s merely their tool, or it’s just for show. And yes, some people take advantage of others by offering curses and other nonsense for ridiculous amounts of money. That is not what I do.

Through my readings, sure, the cards might HINT at possibilities, and I might even get it “right” at times.  However, my readings include suggested possible outcomes and/or intuitive guidance to help get you where you want to be. It is very much up to the client/seeker to take it or leave it.

Second, and extremely important, I will decline a reading if I feel it is unethical for me to do.
Meaning, if what you are asking is beyond my qualifications (suicidal thoughts, self harm, abuse, addiction, medical advice, legal advice, etc) I will suggest some hotlines/licensed professionals who are fully equipped and educated to work with you on issues like that. I am simply not qualified to work with anyone who is at risk. I am not a therapist. I will use my best judgement in determining if we are a good fit to work together with tarot. Please don’t take it personally if I decline a reading.

Third, I am not a party trick.
Yes, tarot is super fun in a lot of cases, but even though this is not my day job, I still take it very seriously in terms of how I conduct my readings. They take time and a lot of thought on my part. Please respect that.

So now you might be asking, “what kind of readings do you do, then?”
At the moment, I work solely in the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT space. I consider myself to be an “Intuitive Tarot Reader,” which means I base my findings on any gut reactions/feelings I get from the cards and my own knowledge of the cards, and then I relate those things back to the question for the reading in a practical and actionable manner for the client.  If a client/seeker is looking for career advice/mentoring, goal setting, motivation, relationship advice, how to combat mundane stressors in life, help/inspiration on a creative project, or anything routine that is just blocking them from moving forward, I am here to offer help with tarot as my guide.

My goal is to empower others to make their own decisions, and let them know that the future is in their hands.

In terms of how it works:
You can purchase a reading at  It helps to either email me, or contact me via direct message, saying that you purchased a reading. My email is on the services page, and there is a contact button right here on the sidebar of this site.

I’ll then reply back, asking you what you’d like the reading to be about. You can also email me before purchasing, if you are confused as to what reading is the best fit for you.

I may ask you follow up questions to your initial queries after purchasing. If you ask a super vague question for the reading, you might not get an in-depth reading from me. I am very good at interpreting cards, but if I do not have a whole lot to go on, I might not give you the most helpful reading I am capable of.

Remember, I am not a psychic! I have nothing to prove in terms of predicting the exact outcome, or saying things where there was no way of me knowing unless you told me.  If you want a psychic reading, please go find a psychic.

The readings themselves are done within 7 days of purchasing, and you will get a PDF of the written reading from me. I do not do in person or video/phone chat readings. I welcome any follow up questions in terms of clarifications on card meanings, or clarifications on my suggestions. However, if the reading brings up more intense questions that go beyond the scope of your initial ask, you will have to purchase another reading.

Again, my work is all about empowering you to make your own decisions, based on the cards drawn. You have your own freewill.

If you have any further questions, please to do not hesitate to ask.

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