Full Moon, Tarot Reading

Full Moon in Aquarius & Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading

On July 27th, we’ll find ourselves in the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The moon is full, and she’s in Aquarius. Being a lunar eclipse, we are pushed to look inward, and deeper than we might want to go. Our demons can be pretty scary. However, it’s super necessary to exorcise them in order to have any sort of progress.

Mars also wants some of the spotlight too, and is continuing its retrograde shenanigans for another month! It’s also very prominant during this eclipse, so get our your telescopes.

What does this all mean? Well, it differs based on your own cosmic make-up, however, collectively, there is a feeling of unrest, stuffiness, and over all “I am so over this shit, my shit, the world’s shit… merde!”

So, let’s do a reading! A Past/Present/Future to gain some insight and ideas for pressing forward during these eclipses (another on Aug 11th!) and retrogrades (Mercury is in retrograde as well.)

PAST – THE DEVIL (reversed)
The devil is in the details, and reversed, you’ve known these details for a while. How many of you are fairly self aware of your issues, addictions, weaknesses, desires, dreams, and yet you don’t do a thing to move past them or towards them? Same here my friends. Time to play our worst nightmare (the IRS) and audit our existence. Take note of all the crap and really sit in it. Create positive change and habits by really owning it and scheduling it into your world. Like, literally, get a journal, bullet journal if you are a doodler, plug in all the good stuff into your phone’s calendar… now is the time to produce your life. Look into your chart, and find the Virgo and/or Capricorn within. Astrology’s Type-A students right there. Channel that. If astrology is not your thing, but Grey’s Anatomy is, then you are to channel Ms. Christina Yang. Keeper of being the best at every damn thing she touches. But! No need to rush. We’ll get to that later.

Yang knows her crap!

One of the most generous archetypes in the deck, The King of Cups is also a master of their feelings. So, maybe you’ve done the work of facing your emotional demons and you’re ready for the next step, the action. Or, this King is a figure in your life (doesn’t have to be male) that possesses these qualities of emotional restraint, generosity, and support. They are your mentor and guiding light in this process. If you don’t have someone like this, it might be time to invest in one. In order to battle those demons from your past, who is the type of person that can help you rise? A therapist? Mentor in your industry? Expert in your hobby? Start looking.

Eclipse energy lasts 6 months, so there is no need to be hasty about any of this. Moving too fast might make you very discouraged. You might jump the gun, and your finances will take a hit, or you’ll engage in so much upheaval that everything is disorganized and malfunctions on you. Take. It. SLOW. As I said, really sit in all of this. Sit in the positive change. Sit in the personal analysis. Sit in the fact that, depending on your circumstances, you might be way more privileged than you ever thought. Just sit still for once and recognize what the most important bits to focus on are. Start budgeting your time, emotions, financials, etc. Create a new groove.

I hope this helps.

Happy Eclipse! Happy Full Moon! Happy Mars! Happy Mercury!
Did I leave anyone out? Probably… it’s crowded up there.

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