Full Moon, Tarot Reading

Full Moon in Virgo Reading

The first of two Full Moons in March ignites the sky tonight at 7:51pm EST.
It’s in the sign of Virgo, and below is our reading.

Virgo, the perfectionist, inspired my question this morning:
How can we deal with perfectionism and letting go?

Perfectionism is not the worst thing in the world. I LOVE details but I can get bogged down by them very easily. I tend to get the mentality of, “if I can’t do it perfectly, why even bother?” This is a slippery slope because it’s a classic block of fear, and it prevents us from going for it and living our lives.

How many times have you jotted down a great idea, and then when you started to create  it you got lost in being perfect, and the strain of it all made you toss it? The idea of not being perfect, or getting negative feedback, haunts you so much that you’d rather not even try. Don’t do it for those comments. Do it for the one comment that shows love for  your message!

And it’s funny, I was just in a meeting for a Mentor group and they said:
Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. 

Got to love it when life imitates tarot!


Past: Judgement (re-evaluation)
In my deck, this card features mummies reaching out for their final judgement. It represents a time in which we need to re-evaluate our situation and judge what fits and what doesn’t. Bringing this back to perfectionism, the suggestion is to re-evaluate our past actions and see where we are getting hung up on the same small stuff.

Remember the I Love Lucy Christmas Special, where she had to get the tree perfectly trimmed and then by the time Fred was done taking her direction there were no branches left? That’s the downside to perfectionism. Take a step back. Be honest with yourself and others.

Present: Ace of Pentacles Reversed (lack of planning)
This card is funny coming out of a “stop planning so much” message, but it’s a nice reminder that balance is key. Our society throws labels at us, leaving us confused as to who we are supposed to be. Should I be perfect? Should I not give a shit? Should I stop planning? Should I plan? STOP. HUSH. The trick is to find the best cycle for yourself.

So if you need to stop it with the perfectionism and re-evaluate, take that time to form your NEW plan that resonates the most with your goal and your realistic capacity. It’s OK to plan, it’s OK to get things right, but don’t lose yourself in the process. Don’t lose the initial bigger picture concept. Take a step back and look at the entire canvas.

It can also be very rewarding to learn and prosper as you go. Give it a try!

Future: Six of Pentacles (generosity)
The best thing to come out of our successes is the ability to pay it forward in some way. Whether you are a teacher, doctor, artist, etc… your ability to provide an honest “service” to others is a beautiful way to create a ripple effect of positivity… should you choose to. And why wouldn’t you? That’s something to keep in mind as you re-evaluate your projects and situations. Instead of giving it the filter of perfection, give it the filter of generosity. How can you shift your goals from being just yours, to something that can also spark joy in others?

Letting go of perfectionism creates space for action and development.
Plan what you can, but get dirty too.
Learn from your mistakes and growth.

Just one of my lovely assistants. 🙂



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