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Fresh and Rosey Hibiscus Tea


Magic happens in the kitchen.
Recipes are our practical spells!
Here’s a tonic/tea to get you started:

🌺 Fresh & Rosey Hibiscus Tea 🌺

(cold brewed)

1/2 cup dried hibiscus flowers (tea)

2 tbs dried rose hips

2 tbs dried rose buds

1-2 droppers vanilla liquid stevia

orange and lime slices

Cold brewed: add ingredients (except fruit slices) to a cold brew filter. Fill cold brew carafe with warm water. Tighten lid and leave in fridge overnight. In morning, take the filter with tea out (press any liquid out) and reseal carafe. Keep in fridge and drink when desired. This tea tastes strong, so adjust hibiscus to your taste. Serve with fresh citrus.

Hibiscus = antioxidants.

Rose hips and citrus = vitamin c


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