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Manifesting with Bugs

We can pull from nature in many places to enhance our magic. Many insects get a bad rap, but they are actually great resources for spiritual work. Bugs are resilient creatures that contribute daily to our ecosystem. Let’s show them some appreciation.

Here are just a few SIMPLE ways that you can incorporate bugs into your daily practice:

Draw them
Wear them with no harm (jewelry designs, clothing designs, etc)
Conservation efforts
Visualize them doing their thang, to inspire you to do yours

Pair bugs with what you are specifically working on. Here are some graphics that showcase what each bug can represent for you.

Please note that this is meant to be a fun post. When you see one of these bugs in nature, you can marvel at their symbolism and beauty. I am NOT saying that if you see a ladybug, all of your dreams will come true, just like that! That is horseshit! Which reminds me, I should have done a graphic for flies! :o)








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