Month: February 2018

Fresh and Rosey Hibiscus Tea

  Magic happens in the kitchen. Recipes are our practical spells! Here’s a tonic/tea to get you started:  Fresh & Rosey Hibiscus Tea  (cold brewed) 1/2 cup dried hibiscus flowers (tea) 2 tbs dried rose hips 2 tbs dried rose buds 1-2 droppers vanilla liquid stevia orange and lime slices Cold brewed: add ingredients (except Read More

New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Reading

There is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse (partial) in Aquarius today! Aquarians must march to the beat of their own drum. They really value their alone time and independence. We all have Aquarius somewhere in our chart. Where it falls tells you where you need to listen to your own intuition and trust your Read More

Manifesting with Bugs

We can pull from nature in many places to enhance our magic. Many insects get a bad rap, but they are actually great resources for spiritual work. Bugs are resilient creatures that contribute daily to our ecosystem. Let’s show them some appreciation. Here are just a few SIMPLE ways that you can incorporate bugs into Read More