Full Moon, Tarot Reading

Full Moon in Leo/Eclipse Tarot Reading

The Full Moon in Leo today also offers us an eclipse (it happened this morning, but eclipse energy can last for months), and it’s a Blue Moon. Let’s break this down.

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Full Moon in Leo:
Full Moons “shine a light” on things in our lives, versus a New Moon which is more of a grounding and manifesting period. Full Moons can feel intense for some people. Since the moon is “heavy” with light, we ourselves can feel heavy. The moon controls the tides, and when full and strong, it can send waves through our emotions. Enter Leo, a fire sign that is the “star” of the zodiac. Together, this makes for a powerful moon and one you can use to build courage, confidence and strength. In essence, be the “star” in your own life.

Lunar Eclipses:
A lunar eclipse is when the earth’s shadow covers the moon. When this happens during a full moon, it can represent our “shadow side” taking over for a spell. Our shadow side is the darker part of our personality. That may be the identity everyone knows, or the one you hide from the world. It’s usually the latter for most people. During this moon and eclipse, your shadow side wants to come and play. This was particularly interesting to me because my Sun sign is Leo… and the Sun is in Aquarius during this time… and my moon sign is Aquarius. So, for me, I feel like my Sun and Moon have switched roles. They are seeing how the other half lives and offering advise to one another. I feel like for the first time they want to play nice. For years I’ve been a walking contradiction in terms of my personality.

Blue Moon
You know the saying, “Once in a Blue Moon”? That applies here because Blue Moons happen infrequently. It’s when a month has TWO full moons. Usually, we just have one full moon and one new moon in a month. So that just makes this sequence of cosmic events extra unique. Blue Moons are like bookends for the month they happen in. What happens between these full moons, stays between these full moons. And yes, it can feel like you are smack in the middle of a shit sandwich.

In a nutshell, I tend to see the new and full moons as a time for me to reflect and reassess my goals. It’s all in what you make of it, really. If you don’t care or don’t think they are powerful, they won’t be. If you use the time to strengthen yourself, and you actually do the work, then they can be very useful to you. This is all mind over matter.


PAST : THE HERMIT (reversed)
In the past, people have either been soul-searching for too long, or not enough. If you are not sure where you land, here’s a way to figure it out: Have you been struggling to “find yourself”? Do you not know your purpose? Do you ask yourself those questions all the time? If so, you haven’t spent enough time working things through on your own. You get distracted by other people too easily. It’s time to come inside. OR… Have you been isolated from society? Do you always decline social gatherings and avoid people at all costs? If so, it’s time to come out. This Full Moon in Leo is shining a light on what hasn’t been working, and you need to decide if you are meant to be center stage right now, or still in rehearsal. The Leo aspect however, tells me it’s show time! But make sure you are prepared for the attention, and you know your lines and marks.

Lost Opportunity/Lack of Planning
If you’ve been too isolated, you could be missing important opportunities for growth. If you’ve been suffering from the consequences of poor planning, it could be because you are not giving yourself the time needed to reassess yourself. It’s time to find a balance between being alone and getting your shit together, and communing and getting inspired by the outside world. It’ll come to a point where social media doesn’t count for that last part. Get some literal face-time. Smoke and mirrors only goes so far.

FUTURE : DEATH (reversed)
Resistance to Change/Unable to Move On
You might feel like you are on the verge of change, but you are resistant to it and you just can’t seem to see a future that looks bright and shiny. Harmful feelings of the past may have isolated and trapped you, or you are constantly running away from facing them. Think of past emotions and hardships as strings, and you are the puppet. It’s time to cut loose. Cut the ties to things, and people, that do not serve you.

Today’s Mantra: I am Ready, Thank you.

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