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Hello and welcome to Pretty Zesty Magic! My name is Kristen, and I first started blogging almost ten years ago. Over the years, I’ve become more in tune with my spirituality/personal development and felt like I needed a place for just that. My goal is to share my exploration, and share any insights that can help you.

So, what will you see here? It’ll be a combination of tarot card readings (I am a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader), astrology tips, articles on my favorite rituals, and more. My Pagan faith is predominantly rooted in Roman/Etruscan Stregheria and Saxon/Celtic beliefs, as that is my ancestry; so my rituals follow that path.  While American, my ancestry is English and Italian/German/Jewish. I personally/culturally identify most with my Italian American heritage from upbringing, and consider myself a “Strega” (Italian witch) when it comes to paganism.  While that is the faith I practice, I am not super religious in terms of following things perfectly. The individual tarot work that I do with clients is universal, and I work with all faiths and backgrounds. I’m more interested in helping people take their power back and do things they way they want to.

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