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Hello and welcome to Pretty Zesty Magic! My name is Kristen, and I first started blogging almost ten years ago. Over the years, I’ve become more in tune with my spirituality and felt like I needed a place for just that. My main blog (at the time) consisted of vegan cooking (and non-vegan from before I made the switch), tarot cards, and the occasional rant about the entertainment industry and other random, yet fun, things. However, this place will be solely dedicated to my spiritual journey and unpacking my own spiritual bypassing in the process! That’s the “zesty” part. My goal is to share my exploration, and share any insights that can help you. I see my path as a combination of personal development and faith.

So, what will you see here? It’ll be a combination of tarot card readings (I am a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader), astrology tips, articles on my favorite rituals, and more. My Pagan faith is predominantly rooted in Roman/Stregheria and Saxon/Celtic beliefs, as that is my ancestry; so my rituals follow that path.  While American, my ancestry is English and Italian/German. I personally/culturally identify most with my Italian American heritage from upbringing, and consider myself a “Strega” (Italian witch) when it comes to paganism.  The individual tarot work that I do with clients is universal, and I work with all faiths and backgrounds.

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