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New Moon in Capricorn Tarot Reading

On January 16th, there will be a New Moon in Capricorn. New Moons mean new beginnings and a time to re-evaluate and manifest. While Capricorn, is a sign of integrity, accomplishments, structure and patience. So now we are putting the two together.

My readings for Moon Cycles are usually Past/Present/Future readings… and they mean just that. What can we learn from the past, what can we focus on now, and what could our futures hold? This isn’t fortune telling, but rather a tactic that can help us all personally develop into what we’ve always wanted to become.

The Reading…

PAST: 4 of Pentacles (reversed):


This card suggests a period of being haunted by the thought of going broke, losing a job (that you don’t even like), not trusting others, and spending too little or too much money. You are not communicating authentically, and have no energy left for yourself. This card wants one to loosen their grip, take chances, and step outside their comfort zone. And in doing so, things will get rocky. Hang in there.

PRESENT: The Tower

Upheavel/Sudden Change/Revelation

Enter the rockiness. Once you loosen the grip, you may lose your balance. You may even fall. But The Tower Card represents someone who is willing to battle in the storm. They are willing to fall, break a few bones maybe, but then heal and come back stronger than ever before. The “shake-up” in the past was necessary, but it’s only temporary if one chooses it to be so. Are you willing to accept the change? Are you willing to let go of the structures you complain about on a daily basis? Remove the shackles, Blanche.

FUTURE: Judgement


So you took a leap of faith and you fell. Take this time out to re-evaluate and learn from your past. This time was given to you. When this card shows up, it also wants you to release any guilt, shame, or sorrow before you move forward. There’s no place for that in the future. Time to find like minded souls, and follow the path you’ve always wanted to go down.

New Moon Mantra: With a steady mind I am connected to our collective experience.

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